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Written material from the archives, presented with no claim any of it is any good:

bulletNYC Angst, early 80s
bulletAnal & Nasal Retentive Ramblings, early 80s
bulletLike My Father Before Me, 1984
bulletMacroscopic Life, 1984
bulletFinding My Center, late 70s
bulletLarge Vegetables, late 80s
bulletJer's Story, early 80s
bulletEureka Lot Boy, late 70s
bulleteyeball puckers, 1979
bullet1 & 2 Liners, early 80s
bulletStringMan & DollarWoman
bulletBirth-Mother Bio, 1996
bulletThe Annoying, but Ultimately Happy, Truth: One Guy's Perspective on the Infertility and Adoption Experience
bulletFor Falling In Love
bulletWithin Reason
bulletTo Inhabit Your Dreams
bulletRainsoaked Eyes
bulletMy Life at Sea, 1996


bulletAfter the Conflagration
bulletLearning to Dance
bulletEulogy for Anita, 2001
bulletZeindel Service Center


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