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(you can't make this shit up!)

Spam Subject Lines:

the following 5 subject lines were found exactly like this, one by one, in my spam folder:


I think your girl doesn't like it at all...

Damn, you can not stop premature ejjacullation!

Wow, you used to ccum within 5 minutes!

But now I can penetrate hardly and give the pleasure to every woman!

Nepotism redevelopment

Mingled tenets

From: have - Subject: need

Life, wide-skirted

Is fix my breadcrumb comber?

Threadbare syllable

Normalcy snit

Your opium eating

Future, wire-sewn

Genetic baa -

Your cash, milk snake

Your health, morning-winged

Coalition Affliction

:), oak fungus

Your money - mind torturing

Re: My Gyhij

Re: My Zalyf

This is weird

Umbilical cord

Police Department groggy

Effectively stolid

Fatalism satisfied

Soiled aborigine


Death toll folklore

Pigment ailment

Meringue herein

Fecal Buddah

Metaphysical Comfort

Cemetery jaywalker

Maze ventilation

Kulubu News

Hot line baptismal

Toilette 6259