The Big Five-Oh

A 50th Birthday Visit to Peter & Isabel's

Incredibly, the brave couple invited yours truly and ex-spousal unit up to their Colorado retreat for the big Five-Oh Birthday Celebration. Peter and Isabel remain the hosts with the most, cooking up a storm, filling the hours with laughter and stories and mountain adventures.

Thanks Peter & Isabel, for making my big 50 such a great and memorable one!

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Le Grande Kitchen

Crisco Sammiches, Zippie?

Breakfast Phobia

Le Happy Chefs

Add Vodka to Taste

Hot Vodka

Preparing the ULTIMATE Birthday Cake (1)

Preparing the ULTIMATE Birthday Cake (2)

Preparing the ULTIMATE Birthday Cake (3)

Jovial, but Fuzzy Pizza

Balding Birthday Boy

Aspen (1)

Aspen (2)

Aspen (3)

Happy Birthday Boy

Happily Drunk Boys

I feel a Story Coming On...

THE Cake!

The That's Living Room

Lighting THE Cake

Cake-Lighting Distraction from Peter's Direction

No Doubt, Peter said Something Funny

Back to the Biz of Lighting THE Cake

Lit Cake!

Waiting for the Blowhard

Hall of Mirror Photogs

Peter Suggests Proper Mindset for Blowing Candles

Fitting in the Frame

Cutting THE Cake

Monster Slice

View from the Cohen-Darula Balcony

Another, Slightly Different Angle

Another Balcony View

View Up the Mountain

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